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Great Ale Trail - Country Pub Tour

Visit some of the finest, most historical and best Country Pubs and Inn's in Britain. You are escorted from one friendly local hostelry to the next as you wend your way through some of Britain's finest countryside. Beer gardens in the summer, roaring open fires in the winter. Our tour concentrates on the quintessentially English Hambledon Valley. Already so rich in culture, history, architecture and natural beauty, these historic places are only made better when you add beer to the mix!

Discover the role that beer plays in the history and culture of England and have a really good time, with great people, along the way.
A minimum of 6 refreshment stops en-route, transport and 'sober' guide provided.

To understand the British spirit one must understand British spirits, which is to say Beer. From the rich mixture of civilizations that has flourished in this land has emerged the true essence of English life: the village pub, where ales, bitters, porters, stouts, and other hop-and-barley concoctions abound in such profusion as to daunt even the hardiest tippler.
Long the bastion of all that is good and true in British culture, the pub occupies the place today that it has held for many centuries, as the spot where society is daily glued together through the medium of beer. To appreciate Britain's heritage to the fullest one must therefore go afoot, or in the later hours of the day aknee, among the pubs, the true heart of the country's cultural identity. In recognition of this, we propose to put Britain's past in proper, if occasionally somewhat blurred.

REAL ALE is the champagne of the beer world. Also known as traditional draught beer or cask-conditioned beer, it is a top-fermented beer that undergoes a natural secondary fermentation in the cask and is served without applied gas pressure. Most "Real Ale" pubs serve by a simple suction pump (a beer engine) that draws beer from the cask in the cellar when the handpump on the bar is pulled. The methods of brewing "real ale" produce beers of great complexity with rich fruity and hoppy aromas and flavors.

Every day from Central London at 11.00 (opening time)

£31 GBP per person - BOOK NOW

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