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Why Choose a Concept Tour?

European Horizon - 10 Day Tour of Europe
Here’s a great way for you to enjoy the hot spots of Europe including Dover, Amsterdam, the Rhine Valley, Munich, Venice, Lucerne and Paris. View spectacular scenery as you head down to Venice, put on your walking shoes in order to take in the surroundings as you hike up the Swiss Alps, and fall in love with the romance in Paris. Break through your boundaries and head to the European Horizon!

European Highlights - 14 Day Tour of Europe
Get a taste of more than 8 countries when you escape to Europe on this tour! Enjoy the wonders and beauty of Dover, Paris, Fontainebleu, the French Riviera, Monaco, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Munich, the Rhine Valley and Amsterdam

London to Rome - 16 Day Tour of Europe
Here's a great Mediterranean adventure, including Dover, Paris, Versailles, the Beauolais Wine region, Barcelona, the French Riviera, Monaco, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Vatican City.

European Whirl - 18 Day Tour of Europe
Have more free time? Hop on this exciting tour of 8 countries…here’s your chance to explore Europe, including Amsterdam, the Rhine Valley, Munich, Vienna, Rome, Vatican City, Florence, and Paris. See the white cliffs of Dover, kick back during the scenic drive along the River Rhine, step back in time as you walk through Renaissance Florence.

European Experience - 20 Day Tour of Europe
If you're ready for a memorable trip abroad, then this is the tour that will give you more memories and experiences to last a lifetime! Explore Europe, including Dover, Paris, Fontainebleau, Beaujolais, the French Riviera, Monaco, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Munich, Liechtenstein, Lucerne, Heidelberg, Rhine Valley and Amsterdam!

Scandinavia - 20 Day Tour
This Contiki tour provides a much more in-depth excursion for those who want to discover Scandinavia including Copenhagen where you can see famous sights like Geffion Fountain, the Royal Palace and the Little Mermaid, Stockholm home to the 17th century warship ‘The Vasa’, Oslo to see the Gustav Vigeland sculptures, breathtaking scenery in Andalsnes, admire the original architecture in Trondheim, visit the Svartisen glacier in Mo I Rana, go deep sea fishing in Hammerfest, see if you’ve been naughty or nice in Rovaniemi (the traditional home to Santa Claus) and visit Helsinki where you can see the Olympic Stadium!

Russia and Scandinavia - 21 Day Tour
Tell your inner nomad to come out and play, because it seems you’ve been granted seven, sweet wishes, named Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany. It’s a wanderer’s delight and a cool catch-22 situation – as in, you catch 22 days of sightseeing in cities like Stockholm, Warsaw, and Moscow, among others. You’ll seemingly stay everywhere, but never anywhere for too long. In other words, young nomad, this trip seems right up your alley.

European Escapade - 25 Day Tour of Europe
Discover the culture and essence of Europe, as you travel through 11 countries on this exciting tour! Get ready as you visit magnificent cities such as Paris, Fontainebleu, Beaujolais, Pont du Gard, Barcelona, French Riviera, Monaco, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Vienna, Munich, Liechtenstein, Lucerne, Heidelberg, Rhine Valley, and Amsterdam.

European Contrasts - 29 Day Tour of Europe
There's plenty of beautiful country and coastlines on this tour. You'll get a taste of the local culture and cuisine of each city... including Paris, Fontainebleau, Monaco, Rome, Vienna, Munich, Amsterdam and more!

Scandinavia and Russia - 32 Day Tour
Beautiful and exciting Northern Europe is waiting to be discovered, and you’ll see plenty of the best that Scandinavia and Russia has to offer on this fantastic concept tour. You’ll visit 8 countries throughout Northern Europe including: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. Our most comprehensive tour of Northern Europe, the Scandanavia and Russia tour will take you to amazing sites such as the stunning fjords of Norway, St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow, and the remains of the Berlin Wall in Germany.

European Adventurer - 37 Day Tour of Europe
You only live once, so get ready! There’s tons of energy, excitement, and awesome sights on this Europe tour! Highlights include Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Florence, and the French Riviera. Enjoy a scenic tour through Florence, challenge the rapids in Austria, enjoy an excursion in Amsterdam, discover the ruins in Rome!

Ultimate European + Egypt (Option 1) - 46 Day Tour of Europe
Ultimate European + Greece (Option 2) - 46 Day Tour of Europe

It is THE Ultimate European experience. You will visit 17 countries on this incredible, in-depth tour. You’ll have 46 days to bond with the new friends you’ll make on your tour, while checking out some of the world’s greatest locations. There is so much to do and see on this comprehensive tour that you’ll hardly have a chance to leave any stone unturned. Discover the ancient ruins of Rome, test your bargaining skills in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, visit the birthplace of Dracula in Romania…the possibilities are endless. You’ll see all the famous and most well-known sights as well as some lesser known treasures throughout Europe.

Concept Tours are perfect for travelers looking to do a lot without spending a lot of money - allowing you to explore the famous cities of Europe as well as smaller cities less frequented by the tourists.

They are ideal for:
* First time visitors to Europe
* Backpackers who want more for their time and money,
* Singles who are travelling alone an don't want to pay a single supplement
* Students who are on a tight budget

Accommodation is mostly twin-share and never more than four persons sharing a room. There are three types of Concept accommodations.

* Villages
Cabins in specially designed Villages are located in Europe's best campsites with the usual shared facilities - W.C.s (bathrooms), showers, bars, shops, sports facilities, a swimming pool, a nightclub, and sometimes nearby beaches to soak up the sun.

* Hotel/Pension
On certain tours, you can look forward to staying in a hotel or pension chosen for location, facilities and the warmth of its welcome.

* Special Stopovers
Exclusive properties, which are not expensive or flashy - the emphasis is always on value and fun. Unique accommodations ranging from a restored Chateau in France, to Gasthofs in Austria, to alpine chalets in Switzerland - with all the creature comforts you need!

French Chateau
Overlooking the seductive vineyards of the Beaujolias region in Central France, Chateua de Cruix dates back to 1873. Wander around the beautiful Thieze town, taste wines that have been grown here for centuries, picnic in the vineyards and cool off in the Chateau's pool

Tyrolean Gasthof
Set against a breathtaking alpine panorama, Gasthof Schoneck is a traditional Austrian Gasthof in beautiful Hopfgarten. Enjoying a stain of local beer on the balcony will be just what you want to come home to after a day spent mountain biking in the hills.

Swiss Chalet
A galcial valley at the foot of the mighty Jungfrau Mountain set against meadows and waterfalls. This is the vibrant village of Lauterbrunnen and it's in this glorious alpine setting that you'll find our Swiss Chalet. Appreciate the sheer scale of the Swiss Alps by taking the mountain railway through the Eiger and up the snowy slops of the 4158m Jungfrau. After a breathless afternnon, you can look forward to the ultimate in decdent cuisine - the Fondue.

Fuelling your fire is part of what we do best - cereal, muesli, yoghurt, fresh fruit, bread rolls and a hot dish make up the kind of breakfasts you'll be waking up to every morning. It is valuable sustenence for the day. Our food is freshly and prepared by our chef and if you're lucky we'll even let you help us with the serving and washing. Your tour manager will draw up a roster so everyone gets to pitch in - don't worry these little duties are a quick and easy part of your tour experience and help to keep the price down.

Sampling local flavours is an essential part of any European experience and ours is no different. Whether it's a Wiener Schnitzel or Swiss fondue, dinner will generally be local, delicious and much needed after a day of adventure! When dinner is not included, join up for an optional evening out on the town or go-it-alone and get in touch with the locals.

Lunch is your call . . . you'll be out and about and exploring whatever local delights are on offer whether its croque monsieur on a Paris Rue, steak frites in a Brussels cafe or tapas in a Barcelona bar - we'll leave it up to you.

As shown on the itinerary pages breakfast (B) and dinner (D) are cover by your food fund which is a compulsory fee, payable with your tour balance of your tour.

Europe's incredible history and diversity is best enjoyed on the road. Whether you're on the autobahn or the autoroute, our comfy air conditioned coaches with panormaic windows and reclining seats are the best way to enjoy it, allowing you to kick back and let it all glide past you.

Optional Extras
No one wants to be pigeonholed and that included us. Everyone's idea of a package holiday heel is getting told what to do. Not with us. We know everyone has their own idea of a good time, so we throw in a couple of excellent adventures or as we call them 'optional extras', for you to decide on later.

Each one will give your trip something special that makes a good holiday great. Parasailing in Corfu, white water rafting in Austria, Alpine mountain biking - we know the real postcards are the ones that are lodged in your memory. The full list of options and their prices for each itinerary will come with your final documents.

You will make you choice and book optionals with the tour manager whilst on tour. They are not pre-paid but will be paid for in cash or travellers cheques (in local currencies). Credit cards are not accepted for optional activites.

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