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Why Choose a Time Out Tour?

European Magic - 9 Day Tour of Europe
Who doesn’t need a little magic in their life? Put the cards and magic wands away and let yourself fall under Europe’s many spells called Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, and Munich to name just a few. Europe bewitches and bedazzles you with beautiful sights, enchanting sounds, and savory cuisine. The many charms you’ll encounter during this tour package will cast a gripping spell on you that will last a lifetime. Don’t fight it, let the magic take over and experience Europe like never before!

Amsterdam to Barcelona - 11 Day Tour of Europe
Can you say "Keizersgracht" 10 times fast? You probably can in Amsterdam (or at least learn how)! You'll have the time of your life on this adventurous voyage from beautiful Amsterdam to the vibrant Mediterranean city of Barcelona. It may not be “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, but this Contiki tour is your link to luxury with stops on the French Riviera and Monte Carlo, where you’ll see the Royal Palace and visit a posh casino.

Europe Discovery - 12 Day Tour of Europe
Let us do the navigating while you explore Western Europe in all its glory, from the serene canals in Amsterdam to the dazzling Eiffel Tower in Paris. This tour breezes through 8 fantastic countries. Experience local traditions and customs in every country like a gondola ride in Venice or stroll along the Champs Eylsees.

Mediterranean Highlights (Madrid to Rome) - 13 Day Tour of Europe
Mediterranean Highlights (Rome to Madrid) - 13 Day Tour of Europe
Travel along the splendid coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and visit four of Europe's most sought after countries—Spain, France, Monaco and Italy! Spectacular scenery and luxurious lifestyles await you from the French Riviera to Florence, Contiki’s Mediterranean Highlights European tour allows you to experience the high-life without a royal title.

Eastern Road - 13 Day Tour of Europe
It’s Eastern Europe at its best! Rich history and classic European elegance collide as you visit the jewels of Eastern Europe. The spectacular scenery and diversity of each city will satiate even the hungriest culture vulture. Visit 6 countries, which include some of the most historically significant destinations in Eastern Europe. The Eastern Road tour is often a moving and inspiring experience that cannot be easily forgotten.

London to Athens - 15 Day Tour of Europe
There is so much to see on this package that we can’t list it all. After landing in London you will take a ferry to Paris where you can gaze at the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, and more. From there you’ll hit the wine region and enjoy a picnic while enjoying the French countryside. But wait it doesn’t end there. We’ll also do some sightseeing in Barcelona, the Riviera, Venice and Florence. You will finish up your trip with some sightseeing in Rome and some time in Athens before heading home.

European Encounter - 16 Day Tour of Europe
The European Encounter tour is perfect for adventurers and romantics alike. You’ll have the opportunity to take a bicycle tour of the Dutch countryside, go white water rafting in Austria, take in a Parisian cabaret show and enjoy a relaxing gondola ride in Venice all on the same tour! If that sounds like a lot of fun already, there’s much more in store on this European Encounter.

European Impressions - 18 Day Tour of Europe
One of our more popular Europe tours, this is the perfect way to see 10 countries in Europe! See the White Cliffs of Dover, Paris, the Loire Valley, Barcelona, the French Riviera, Monaco, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Innsbruck, Munich, Heidelberg and Brussels.

European Inspiration - 19 Day Tour of Europe
Get inspired by the European Inspiration tour! Who else but us can show you this many countries in this many days for this price?

European Vista - 21 Day Tour of Europe
Enjoy a leisurely yet adventurous tour while visiting 10 fabulous countries. Venture through Europe and explore the beauty, culture, history, and its people. This tour will allow you to experience an illuminating night-tour of romantic Paris, a visit to magnificent Monaco, the art and culture of Florence, adventurous activities in Austria, and much more.

Winter Wanderer - 24 Day Tour of Europe
It’s the perfect excursion for a winter dream holiday! Winter in Europe is packed with activities to try and places to explore. This tour visits 11 countries, each with its own unique flavor and attractions. Some of the highlights of the tour include driving along the French Riviera, exploring the beautiful City of Rome (it’s never too cold for Gelato!), trying an oversized stein of Bavarian beer in Munich, and sampling traditional Spanish tapas in Barcelona. There’s a ton to do in Europe, even in the winter time.

European Panorama - 28 Day Tour of Europe
For a widescreen view of Western Europe, try the European Panorama tour, which takes you to 12 countries. Wine tasting in Bordeaux, traditional tapas in Barcelona, beach bumming on the Greek Island of Corfu, bike riding in the Dutch countryside…these are just a few of the activities you have available to you while touring panorama style.

European Explorer - 33 Day Tour of Europe
The grandest of the superior tours, the European Explorer tour covers 12 countries. You’ll cover so much ground and visit some of the most popular destinations in the world. This tour gives you the opportunity to travel via land and sea, includes a mini-cruise on the Adriatic Sea, a cruise on the Rhine River and much more. With stops in France, Spain, Monaco and many other countries, the European Explorer gives you the most in-depth touring experience.

Regional Tours of Europe

Spotlight on Greece - 5 Day Tour of Greece
If you’ve carried a torch for Greece before or since the 2004 Summer Olympics, then you’ll be even more smitten after these eight days. Herculean experiences in history and mythology await you: The Acropolis and the Parthenon in Athens, and the Temples of Zeus and Hera in Olympia, are among several ancient destinations.

Agean Classic - 6 Day Cruise of Greece and Turkey
Greece is always a “slick” vacation pick, and here, paired with Turkey, expect more than a few magic moments. You’re cruising ancient waterways to gorgeous islands, while thinking about sinking time into serious sightseeing, shopping and dining. Basically, at various ports, you come, go and flow, as you please.

Italian Espresso - 7 Day Tour of Italy
Experience the country that made Espresso famous! Contiki’s Italian Espresso Italy travel package highlights the best of Italy. Explore Rome, Venice and Florence.

Tuscany - 8 Day Tour of Italy
With clifftop views of breathtaking wineries, Contiki’s new tour gives you a chance to explore and experience this amazing region located in the middle of Italy. You’ll take a bicycle ride through Chianti, learn to cook a Tuscan meal, and go wine tasting as you bask in the landscape and relax on the Mediterranean coast.

Turkish Delight - 8 Day Tour of Turkey
On this new Turkish adventure, visit the spectacular city of Istanbul, see the sombre memorials of Gallipoli, the great bazaars of the port town of Kusadasi, and the extraordinary natural wonders of the thermal hot springs in Pamukkale.

Mykonos Resort and Island Cruising - 8 Day Tour of Greece

Egypt and Nile - 9 Day Tour of Egypt
You’re Indiana Jones-ing and anxious to explore and expose every treasure of this magnificent culture’s ancient civilization. We’ll help you dig deep into history without getting your hands too dirty, but know that big things are in your future – actually, monumental things, like the Pyramids and the Sphynx. They’re great excuses for insightful, eclectic excursions – by train, by boat, and yes, by camel – that beautifully and respectfully highlight Egypt and the Nile.

Golden Fleece - 9 Day Cruise of Greece and Turkey
Visit Istanbul, home of the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace, Kusadasi, Patmos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, and Santorini - the Volcanic Isle. Sail aboard Louis Cruises, a respected and well established cruising company.

Simply Italy - 12 Day Tour of Italy
Few places dazzle and overload your senses like Italy, where every region teases, tempts, and delivers something memorable. You’re booked to roam in Rome, Florence, Venice, and Vatican City, but to appreciate smaller pockets of pleasure, slow your roll or curb your flow by securing a relaxing gondola ride. Or lace-up your sneakers or trainers for an authentic walking tour, stopping along side streets to share goodwill with friendly locals.

Spanish Spree - 12 Day Tour of Spain
Discover Spain! From Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Ibiza, to Barcelona, experience the friendly culture, art, and history of this beautiful country.

Greek Island Hopping - 13 Day Tour of Greece
How does a beach bumming romp around paradise sound? Featuring three little pieces of heaven called Santorini, Mykonos, and Ios, you can hop around the islands in style and have a blast doing it. Get a taste of both classical and modern Greece, including a tour of the majestic city of Athens. Your stop in Mykonos includes Contiki’s fabulous resort where you can relax and soak up some sun on the jewel of the Cycladic Islands. This tour highlights the best of three Greek, dine, or go on a tanning spree on this fantastic getaway!

Time Out Tours are the way to go if you're looking for a little extra comfort as you travel around Europe. If you have already seen the traditional sites of Europe, Time Out offers in-depth tours of countries such as France, Spain, Morocco and Italy as well as tours of the Egypt and Turkey.

They are ideal for:

* People who have never been to Europe before but prefer hotels over cabins
* Couples who want to be guaranteed a private room
* People who have been to Europe before and/or want to explore a particular region

When staying in Europe's capitals, location is all important. We've chosen Superior Tourist Class hotels throughout the continent meaning you'll be right where you want to be - close to the life and colour of the city centre and surround by a unique array of sights and sounds. All rooms have private facilities and you can choose either single, twin-share, or triple-share. Please note that the hotels we use normally do not provide room service and porter service to carry luggage is not included. Your Tour Manager will advise you on the check-in and departure procedures for each hotel.

You will also have the chance to spend the night at one of oure unique night-stops located across Europe.

Hotel Divani Palace, Corfu
Situated only 3km from Corfu's old town, the Divani Palace is a stylish comfortable hotel with all the amenities that you need to relax on this GReek Island. Swimming pool, jacuzzi, bars and American buffet breakfast everyday as you unwind.

Eventhotel Pyramide, Vienna
The inspired Eventhotel Pyramide is an attraction in itself. This gigantic glass pyramid is an attraction is set in lavish landscaped only 25 minutes from Central Vienna. Relax and enjoy deluxe rooms with radio, satelite TV and luxury bathrooms or simply spend your time being pampered in the 'wellness' centre. It's sauna, steam baths and massages will be sure to keep you refreshed. Surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars as a boasting a free on-site internet facility, your stay in Austria will be anything but stressful.

Domina Roma Cassia, Rome
After a day of exploring the many historical sites of Rome, the modern Domina hotel provides good quality facilities to relax and recharge for the next day.

The Nile Cruise
A boat on the River Nile is the ultimate in exotic travel. You'll be on board a luxury cruise boat complete with private cabins, swimming pool and nightclub. the perfect way to enjoy the timeless splendour of the ancient world along the river banks.

Cruise the Greek Islands
Greek Island exploration means exactly that - the freedom to discover sun kissed white beaches and deep blue sea. With Louis Hellenic cruise ships, you can be sure of sailing into port in comfort with many on-board facilities for you to enjoy. Whether you're after action and adventure or relaxing in the beauty of the Med - there's something for everyone.

Bellevue, Mount Pilatus
When you're staying in Europe's highest hotel (at 2100m) one thing thats guaranteed is spectacular views. Just getting there is an adventure trail of swingin gondolas and cable cars over Alpine Meadows - awe inspiring in every way.

City Park Sant Just, Barcelona
This modern hotel offer an excellent standard of accommodation within easy access of the city centre. Rooms feature air-conditioning, mini-bar and Sat TV. Facilities include swimming pool and fully equipped gym.

Start your days off right with breakfast, on us! A traditional continental breakfast - coffee or tea, juice, rolls and croissants- is served mornings while on tour. In some places you can have a buffet and occasionally a fully cooked breakfast. At lunch, we give you the freedom to do your own thing. For dinner, you'll be our guest for about half your vacation with a buffet or three-course meal. In each country where we don't include the evening meal, we arrange special optional meals out to try the local cuisine. If notified at the time of booking, we will do our best to meet any special dietary requirements.

When you're touring Europe, just getting around should be an experience and we pride ourselves on driving the most comfortable deluxe coaches on the road. Aboard the coach, you'll be accompanied by an always-entertaining Contiki Tour Manager and Driver, ready to answer all of your questions from "Where's the bathroom" to "How do you say hello in Turkish"?

Optional Extras
No one wants to be pigeonholed and that included us. Everyone's idea of a package holiday heel is getting told what to do. Not with us. We know everyone has their own idea of a good time, so we throw in a couple of excellent adventures or as we call them 'optional extras', for you to decide on later.

Each one will give your trip something special that makes a good holiday great. Parasailing in Corfu, white water rafting in Austria, Alpine mountain biking - we know the real postcards are the ones that are lodged in your memory. The full list of options and their prices for each itinerary will come with your final documents.

You will make you choice and book optionals with the tour manager whilst on tour. They are not pre-paid but will be paid for in cash or travellers cheques (in local currencies). Credit cards are not accepted for optional activites.

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