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This information has been supplied with the kind help and assistance of the Ireland Tourist Office. For further information please contact them on 0171 493 3201.

There are the silver streams

Ireland is criss-crossed with silver streams, lazy rivers, hidden lakes and still canals. Throughout the country, there's trout and salmon fishing for anglers. Canals, rivers and larger lakes can be explored from the banks or from hired boats. Every bend offers a new scene, a chance meeting or a hidden pub alive with boating and fishing stories. the blue of the se

When in Ireland, you are never more than 80 miles from the sea and a coastline offering golden, sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, hidden harbours and bays.
You'll find beautiful secluded coves as well as larger beaches with windsurfing, sailing, canoeing and swimming. Shore angling and deep sea fishing facilities are available in most coastal villages. the purple of the hills.

The central plain of Ireland is surrounded by a ring of hills and mountains. Hues vary from the deep purple of heather to the black of turf bogs and vistas range from the gentle slopes of the Slieve Bloom mountains to the steep, wooded valleys of Wicklow and the awe inspiring Cliffs of Moher. They are all there to be explored on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. and plenty of local colour
Every day and every season brings new colours: Primroses, bluebells, ferns, autumn leaves and amber sunset. You'll want to photograph it all.
You'll also find colourful characters. From mountain tops to beaches you'll meet people ready to stop and talk - a chat about the weather, a bit of local geography or history and maybe some advice about what you should see next. 
You won't see it all in one visit, so the sooner you come the sooner you can come back for more.

Overview on Arts & Culture

Few places on the planet are as crammed with history as Ireland. Everywhere you look there are castles, houses and monuments, some even older than the Pyramids. In Ireland the past is part of the present, part of the people and part of its vibrant culture. The earliest Irish art is found in carvings on megalithic monuments dating from 2500 - 2000 BC. In early historic times, Celtic art predominated, reaching its peak in illuminated manuscripts such as the Book of Durrow and the Book of Kells. While the basic Celtic patterns remain, European influences such as Viking, Romanesque and Gothic styles are seen in work executed later than the 9th century. The large, distinctly Irish, stone crosses, seen across the country date from the 9th and 10th centuries.

 From the mid-17th century, decorative arts and large-scale building flourished under the influence of contemporary European trends.

By the early 19th century neo-classicism , romanticism, and later naturalism, were the dominant forces in painting. They were replaced at the end of that century by impressionism. This was a particularly rich period which gave us artists such as Nathaniel Hone , Walter Osborne, John Lavery, William Leech, John Butler Yeats and William Orpen.

Modernism was first explored by the painters Evie Hone and Mainie Jellett. A forum for the new movement was provided by the Irish Exhibition of Living Art, founded in 1943. From this emerged internationally influenced artists such as Louis Le Brocquy, Patrick Scott, Michael Farrall, Robert Ballagh and, to a lesser extent, Patrick Collins, Tony O'Malley, Camille Souter and Barrie Cooke.

Monumental sculpture of 19th century is best represented by the work of John Hogan and John Henry Foley whose tradition lasted into the 20th century with such sculptors as Ois^n Kelly, Sªamas Murphy and Hilary Heron. Contemporary sculptors include Brian King, John Behan, Michael Bulfin, Michael Warran and Eilis O' Connell.

Enjoy your visit to Ireland!

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