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What can of accommodation do you use?
Our regular tours of Turkey offer 3 , 4 and sometimes 5 star hotels. On Greek islands , we offer small locally run hotels though not the Hilton, are close to all that matters. All hotel guest rooms offer ensuite bathrooms, television, fridge and cooling or warmth. The hotel itself will usually have a restaurant, bar and shops. Some even offer a nightclub and swimming pool.

Do you include any meals or other stuff?
Yes! All our tours include breakfast. About half of the evening meals are included too as well as some lunches (please check itinerary for full details).

When and how should I book my tour?
If planning to travel during the European winter months of October through to end of April or if your plans coincide with Christmas, Easter, Bank Holiday weekends or school holidays we recommend booking as early as possible. Our departures during these times prove to be very popular. To book your tour you can either telephone our office in London or come and see us or otherwise fill out the booking form in the back of the brochure and send that to us with the appropriate deposit. Although we do not take payment online you can send any requests to us online and we will respond within 24 hours.

I'm travelling alone. Will I be the only one? Can I share a room with someone else?
If you're travelling alone, don’t worry! Lots of our travellers are solo travellers. We’ll arrange for you to share a room with a fellow ANZAC traveller of the same sex.

What sort of food will I eat in Turkey and Greece?
Turkish cuisine is similar to that of Syria, Egypt and other Middle East countries. Look forward to meze comprising houmous and other dips, dolma (stuffed vine leaves), cheese cigars, the ubiquitous doner kebab and pide - a kind of pizza. Exotic freshly squeezed juices, nuts and fruit are available everywhere. If feel like a java jolt, Turkish coffee - rich, dark and often laced with cardamom and drunk from tiny cups is your ticket to an alert state of mind!
In Greece, try the many and varied meze comprising kalamata olives, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), breads and of course feta cheese. Other Greek delights include spanokopita (spinach pie), pastitsio( a sort of lasagne), souvlaki (skewered grilled meats) and moussaka (a sort of lamb and aubergine pie). Continental cuisine also features on most menus.

More particularly on our ANZAC packages, we tend to make lunch/refreshment stops (at your own expense) at gas station restaurants which are very popular in Turkey. Our reasons for doing this are numerous: The well-prepared food (generally a serviced buffet) offers a wide variety of tasty Turkish staples, bread and a drink for around less than GBP£4. There are plenty of tables to accommodate our group, the service is quick and allows us to have our fill and resume touring and finally, the rest rooms at the majority of these establishments are clean and well-maintained.

Dinner (where included) tends to be smorgasbord-style. A wide range of hot and cold dishes are offered on a ‘serve yourself’ basis. We feel a smorgasbord selection is the best way to cater towards a variety of tastes.

Do I need any visas for my tour?
It depends on what passport that you are travelling on but we have all the relevant visa information here on our website. The arrangement is very easy if you hold an Australian, New Zealand or British passport.
Greece - EU national, Australian, New Zealand and US passport holders do not require a visa to enter EU - Greece.

What vaccinations do I need to go on one of your trips?
All destinations have different health requirements. We do have general information right here on our website which gives you relevant health information according to your destination.
Greece - No vaccinations are required for travel to Greece.

Where can I get foreign exchange?
GBP£1.00 = TRL2,700,000 (2.7 million - count the zeros*)
Pound Sterling, US Dollars or other major currencies can be exchanged into Turkish Lira locally or in advance of departure. Istanbul Atatürk Airport offers speedy currency exchange facilities adjacent to the baggage hall.

* According to Turkish Government policy, to facilitate easier monetary transaction and accounting, 6 zeros will be deleted from the Turkish Lira at the end of 2004, so if effected, the exchange rate above would for example be, GBP£1.00 = TRL2.70. Ultimately, such a change would result in an overhaul of existing and circulating legal tender.

Greece has adopted the Euro.

What is the Duty -free limit for travels to Turkey and Greece?
Turkey - Modest amounts of anything for personal use, except illicit drugs, weapons and items of an obscene or subversive nature. The duty-free limit on arrival is generous. Up to 5 litres or 7 x 70cl of spirits, 200 cigarettes (plus an additional 400 cigarettes if purchased at the airport upon arrival) and a reasonable quantity of perfume. Prices and range at Istanbul Duty Free are excellent.
Greece - 200 cigarettes, 1 litre of spirits or 2 litres of wine (if originating outside the EU).

What is the cost of living in Turkey and Greece?
Turkey is Europe’s ‘low-price leader’ and is therefore great value for money. Food, drink, entrance fees, postcards, stamps, quality souvenirs etc. are reasonable when compared to prices in the UK, the rest of Europe, Australasia and the US. It is quite possible to get a good meal for under GBP£5. Although steadily becoming more expensive, Greek prices are still cheaper than the UK.

Which are the best places to shop?
Turkey is a virtual Aladdin’s Cave. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is cavernous and full of unusual and everyday objects. Markets and bazaars abound in other towns, too. See our Turkey A to Z guide for more.
Try the famous Athens Flea Market in the area that stretches west of Plateia Monastirakiou for souvenirs.

Which travel books do you recommend for reading?
Visit a good bookstore for the best range of Turkey guidebooks and travel novella.
• Istanbul - a traveller’s companion - Lawrence Kelly
• A Fez of the Heart - Jeremy Seal
• Iliad - Homer (Translated by EV Rein)

Do you have a guide book which we can carry on Turkey and Greece tour?
Yes! For further information on what to pack, the cost of living, food and drink, keeping in touch, photography, shopping and more, please consult our guide – Turkey A to Z, which you will receive upon booking your holiday.

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